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Delft museums, monuments & sights

Museum lovers can eat their heart out in Delft. This small city has a magnificent history that comes to life in the various museums. Nowhere else is the history of the Low Countries quite as tangible.

You will find traces of almost all of the different building styles through the ages on the facades of the Delft buildings. The glorious past of the city comes alive in its great number of monuments.

Vrouw Juttenland
Coat of arms of William the Silent on the City Hall
Nieuwe Kerk (New Church)
View of Delft by Johannes Vermeer, 1660-1661
Delft canal (Molslaan)

Historic buildings
Oude Kerk (Old Church) Piet Hein, Johannes Vermeer, Anthony van Leeuwenhoek graves
Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), constructed between 1381 and 1496. It contains the Dutch royal family's burial vault, which between funerals is sealed with a 5000 kg cover stone
The Prinsenhof (Princes' Court), now a museum
City Hall
The Oostpoort (East gate), built around 1400. This is the only remaining gate of the old city walls
The Gemeenlandshuis or Huyterhuis, built in 1505, which houses the regional water authority Delfland since 1645
Waag (Delft)

Delft museums


Royal Delft
Rotterdamseweg 196
2628 AR Delft
Tel.: 0031(0)15 2512030
Fax: 0031(0)15 2512031


Gemeente Musea Delft
Sint Agathaplein 1
2611 HR Delft
Tel.: 0031(0)15 2602358
Fax: 0031(0)15 2138744


Korte Geer 1
2611 CA Delft
Tel.: 0031(0)15 2150500

Delft monuments


Delft Stadhuis (Townhall)


Oostpoort (East gate)
Old town entrance



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